doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2011-13-2-25-28
Role of immune status in the treatment of exstrophy of the bladder in children

B.M. Zaymudinov, A.A. Azizov, B.A. Azizov, G.T. Bakiyeva, Z.M. Abdullaeva

In this article the authors present the results of immunological studies of blood in 19 patients with exstrophy of the bladder (EB), which established immunodeficiency state.The immune correcting therapy normalized all the indicators of immunity in the first group of children who received «Tactivin» and «Cyclopheron», and the children of the second group received a different medication (timalin, imunal, thymogen, etc.) There were minimal changes of the T- and apoptiring cells.

Keywords: exstrophy of the bladder, immunodeficiency, congenital malformation, “Tactivin”, ”Ciclopheron”.

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