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Complaints and Appeals

Appealing the Editorial Decision

The Avicenna Bulletin Editor-in-Chief handles editorial decisions based on submitted manuscripts relevance to the aims and scope, similarity checks, readability, reviewer comments, and authors’ responses. Extra efforts are made to provide professional service to authors who seek quality publication in the Avicenna Bulletin. However, a large number of submissions are often outright rejected due to drawbacks in study designs, poor structures of scientific hypotheses, a priori statements, and violations of globally acceptable research publication ethics norms. Related editorial decisions are not subjected to appeals and re-consideration. All other appeals can be forwarded to

The authors of rejected manuscripts may apply to reconsider editorial decisions if they are dissatisfied with the editor/reviewer comments and can justify their point of view by referring to available evidence-based data and logical considerations. The Editor-in-Chief will discuss the appeal with other handling editors and may forward the rejected manuscript for new sets of external reviewers.

If the authors are dissatisfied how the Editor-in-Chief handles their requests, they may forward their letters to other handling editors and editorial board members.

Handling Complaints and Appeals

The Editor-in-Chief and other handling editors are guided by the Core Practices of the Committee on Publication Ethics ( The authors are reassured that there are policies in place to provide professional service to appealing authors whose justified requests will be treated fairly and confidentially within a reasonably short period of time. Having said that, potential authors of the Avicenna Bulletin are advised to carefully consider specific aims and scope of this Journal and strive to submit publishable manuscripts meeting all quality and ethics norms.