doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2014-16-1-15-20
Pathomorphological and immunological changes in septic complications of postoperative wounds of anterior abdominal wall

K.M. Kurbonov, Sh.K. Nazarov, Kh.N. Alimov

Chair of surgical diseases №1 Avicenna TSMU

The study is based on analysis of clinical study results of morphological and immunological changes of septic complications in postoperative wounds of the anterior abdominal wall tissues in 111 patients.

Morphological changes of dissected edges early and late postoperative infiltrates – in 21 (23,5%) patients, abscesses on approach area – in 13 (14,6%) patients, the anterior abdominal wall phlegmon – in 5 (4,5%), suppuration wounds – in 17 (15,3%) showed extensive proliferative processes.

Several indicators of immune status – in 33 (37,1%) patients with early pyo-septic complications of abdominal wall wounds from total number of patients were studied. Indicators of the immune system characterized by inhibition of cellular and humoral immunity. Severe disorders of immunity indices were detected in 15 (16,8%) patients with infiltration of the abdominal wall wound and in 11 (12,3%) patients with an abscess wound area of the abdominal wall. In 7 (6,3%) of patients with phlegmon of the abdominal wall wound area the indicators of immune system characterized by inhibition of humoral immunity, thatnoted by decrease CD20.

Keywords: surgical wounds of the abdominal wall, purulent- septic complications, morphological changes, wound complications.

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