doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2012-14-1-22-30
Reconstruction of post traumatic nerve defects of brachial plexus

G.М. Khodjamuradov, М.F. Odinaev, М.M. Ismoilov

In article the most rare and severe injury of brachial plexus are presented accompanied by partial or full interrupture of nerve trunks. Based on 10 clinical cases of brachial plexus injuries this study present surgical tactic, method of reconstructive and plastic surgeries and identifying optimal donor transplant for restoration of brachial plexus. Due to application of modern operative technique of neurotization it become possible to treat cases which earlier were considered irreparable.

Keywords: brachial plexus, post traumatic nerve roots, nerve grafting, nerve transplant.

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