doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2012-14-1-7-14
Optimization of tactical and technical aspects of otoplasty in variations of ear auricle congenital anomalies

U.A. Kurbanov, I.Z. Saidov, A.A. Davlatov, S.M. Djanobilova

The authors presented their experience for surgical correction of congenital anomalies of the ears in 92 patients. Applying the most common ways authors come to conclusion that combination of concha resection (properly earflap) and suturing methods of otoplasty is more optimal in ears’protruding, Correction of the rare forms of ear deformities in each case requires specific technical solutions. Defects and deformation of the ear lobe are well removed by local plastic surgery.

Keywords: otoplasty , ear abnormalities, congenital deformation of the ear auricle, macrotia, criptotia.

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