doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2016-18-1-77-84
Study of dynamics quality of life in patients by bio-resonance therapy using in complex treatment of hypothyroidism

V.V. Kiryanova, N.V. Vorokhobina, Z.H. Mahramov, R.A. Tursunov

Northwestern State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Russia

The proposed scheme of treatment patients with hypothyroidism using bio-resonance therapy (BRT) is optimal and increases the effectiveness of treatment compared to the same medical therapy. After therapy in the study group compared with the control group and the placebo group, the quality of life, anxiety and depression largely improved. Control examination after 6 months showed that the tested values of quality of life, anxiety and depression in the study group not only did not decrease, and even become better than in the other two groups. The results obtained in the study group shows the effectiveness of BRT in the complex treatment of hypothyroidism. Currently, the use of non-invasive techniques in the treatment of endocrine diseases is actual and BRT method was for the first time used in treatment of hypothyroidism.

Keywords: hypothyroidism, quality of life, anxiety, depression, bioresonance therapy, basic therapy, targeted therapy.

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