doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2016-18-1-17-20
Enteral correction in of endotoxemia in widespread peritonitis

K.M. Kurbonov1, S. Muminov2

1Chair of surgical diseases №1 Avicenna, TSMU
2Chair of Surgery SEI «Institute of Postgraduate Education in the health sector «the Ministry of Health and the SPP RT

The paper analyzes the results of enteral correction atendotoxemia in 140 patients with widespread purulent peritonitis.

The authors found that performing of enteral lavage by solution Reamberin and entersorption by Duphalac contributeto restore the small intestine function and to correct endotoxemiaat the early stages in 18 cases. For example, post-operative complications at the early postoperative period in patients from main group occurred in 4 (22,2%) cases with 1 (5,5%) deaths. While in the patients from the control group in 9 (60%) cases observed pyo-inflammatory complications with 5 (33,3%) cases of deaths.

Keywords: widespread peritonitis, enteral insufficiency syndrome, Reamberin, Duphalac.

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