doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2016-18-1-12-16
Comparative evaluation of different surgical methods of treatment varicocele at pathospermia

K.P. Artikov, M.A. Yuldashev, M.S. Saidov, H.Z. Faiziev

Department of surgical diseases №2 Avicenna TSMU; Republican Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

In this paper the comparative analysis of the treatment varicocele at pathospermia after surgery by Ivanissevich and by vascularization was shown. The clinical and hemodynamic parameters before and after surgerywere studied. It was revealed that after vascularization surgery circulation in testicles significantly improved, and in patients with testicles hypotrophy their volume was increased. At the same time, quality and quantity of sperm are improved, incidence of pathospermiais decreased.

Keywords: varicocele, pathospermia, hypotrophy, the linear velocity of blood flow, resistance index, the volume of the testicles.

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