doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2015-17-1-29-32
Treatment of acute cholecystopancreatitis by canulation of round ligament of liver

Yo.B. Yorov, N.D. Muhiddinov

Chair of General Surgery №1 Avicenna TSMU

Under observation were 148 patients with acute cholecystopancreatitis. In 61,3% of these pathological changes found in the pancreas, and in 38,7% - acute cholecystitis combined with pancreatitis edematous type, due to the close relationship between the gallbladder and pancreas.

Depending on the severity of pathological process in these organs the conservative or surgical treatment was performed. In conservative therapy, for 64 (43,2%) patients under ultrasound cannulation of round ligament of liver with the introduction of antibiotics, antispasmodics, protease inhibitors was performed. Surgical procedures were performed for 84 (56,7%) patients who had undergone to laparoscopic cholecystectomy and drainage of omental bursa, abdominal cavity and cannulation of round ligament of liver.

In the condition of surgical hospital indifferent types of acute cholecystopancreatitis cannulation of round ligament of liver using mixtures of drugs and protease inhibitors is the most effective, as it is much faster release the pain, shorteningthe time of hospitalization.

Keywords: acute cholecystopancreatitis, cannulation of round ligament of liver, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, drainage of omental bursa.

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