doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2014-16-3-46-49
Minimally invasive surgical treatment of chronic intracranial hematomas

S.N. Shoev, Sh. Turdiboev, R.N. Berdiev

Chair of Neurosurgery Avicenna TSMU

Retrospective analysis of the results of treatment 80 patients with chronic intracranial hematomas was conducted.

In chronic epidural hematoma surgery under local anesthesia patients was performed for 15 (18,6%), under general anesthesia – 10 (12,5%). Less traumatic, minimally invasive surgical method used in 21 (26,3%) patients. In our observations every second (50%) patients had chronic subdural hematomas. The control CT scan showed the disappearance of the hematoma and clinically regress of neurological disordersin all patients.

Keywords: computed tomography, chronic intracranial hematoma , minimally invasive surgery.

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