doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2014-16-3-67-71
Influence of underweight on the clinical course of cap in soldiers in the Republic of Tajikistan

N.I. Mustafakulova, D.S. Akhmedova, T.I. Melikova

Сhair of Internal Medicine №3 Avicenna TSMU

This paper presents the results of a study 250 conscripts suffering from community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) of varying severity, all men hadyoung ages – 18-23 (mean age 18,5±1,7 years). Patients were divided into two groups: one group consisted of 177 (70,8%) patients with weight deficit (WD), in group 2 – 73 (29,2%) patients with normal body weight (NBW). Patients in both groups were divided into 2 groups according to the degree of CAP severity, according to generally accepted criteria of severity. Easy currency of pneumonia among the patients of Group 1 was in 39 (22,0%) patients, middle severity – in 63 (35.5%) and heavy – in 75 (42,3%) patients. In the second group easy course was noted in 25 (31,5%) cases, middle – in 31 (42,4%), heavy – in 17 (23,2%).

In military with WD clinical picture differed by severe course, intoxication syndrome, inhibition of cellular immunity and increases of humoral ones. Servicemen WD (45%) of families with many children (73%) suffer by complicated forms of CAP 2 times more compared with patients without WD.

Keywords: community-acquired pneumonia, underweight, malnourished, military.

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