doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2012-14-2-21-25
Application of modified wrapping technique of expanded ascending aorta in prosthetics bicuspid aortic valve

I.I. Skopin, V.A. Mironenko, K.S. Urmanbetov

This report presents the results of 75 operations bicuspid prosthetic aortic valve and expanded ascending aortic wrapping by gofer plate of xenopericardium. According to the classification of the New York Heart Association (NYHA), in the II functional class (FC) was 13 (17,3%) in FC III – 45 (60%) in FC IV – 17 (22,7%) patients. The degree of operational risk, estimated by EuroSCORE, averaged 9,15%.

Indications for wrapping – is concomitant to bicuspid aortic abnormality poststenotic enlargement of the ascending aorta in more than 2 times (usually 45 – 65 mm). Contraindications to surgery are aortic annuloectasia, cystic medianecrosis and expansion of Valsalva sinuses of more than 6 cm. In these cases require more aggressive treatment.

The material for wrapping the extended ascending aorta in 54 (72%) cases was a synthetic cuff, in 16 (21,3%) – xenopericardial plate and in 5 cases using gofer xenopericard manufactured in Department of Medical Biotechnology of SCCVS.

With the newly developed modified method was able to reduce the diameter of the ascending aorta to 35 mm in all patients. Hospital mortality was 2,6% – 2 patients died. Complications were observed in two cases of the form of bleeding from soft tissue and sternum (2,6%).

Keywords: the ascending aorta, xenopericard, wrapping technique.

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