doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2011-13-4-19-24
Some features of diagnosis and treatment of patients with adrenal tumors

A.D. Gaibov, S.S. Anvarova, A.N. Kamolov, M.O. Kurbanova, E.L. Kalmykov

Analysis the results of surgical treatment of the adrenal gland tumors, accompanied by persistent high blood pressure was done in article. The necessary amount of diagnostic procedures and surgical treatment of adrenal pathological process depending on the size of the tumor were determined. In diameter of tumors less than 5 cm, the authors prefer mini-invasive access for the removal and for massive tumors considered optimal toraco-lumbotomic access. Taking into account the features of blood supply of adrenal glands, close them to the magistral vessels, the surgical treatment of diseases of the adrenal advisable to carry out in the departments of vascular surgery.

Keywords: adrenal tumors , hypertension.

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